Irreversibly altered

I close my eyes and take the journey. My final destination is The Land of Grief and Bliss. Once I get there I go to the places I used to know, walk down the streets, see familiar faces, and speak to people. I hope to find my home the same as I left it but all is touched by an ominous feeling. It’s growing bigger and envelops me, it squeezes my chest. I look around and I don’t recognize anything. I see ruined buildings, mined land, and museums with empty walls; the familiar faces get older and sadder; I see young people who have just begun to live — they wear uniforms and head somewhere “on the East” — will they ever return from there? I see multiple goodbyes on railway stations, fresh graves on the burned land. Two colors are lying above them. I see great resilience and bravery while the world around me is collapsing; I hear sirens and explosions, I run and look for a place to hide. There is one between two walls: I sit there and stare in the darkness and the darkness stares at me. The ominous feeling stifles me, I say to myself “Wake-up and it will end”. I open my eyes and the dream continues.